Last updated September 1, 2016
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Pond Technologies (Pond) converts raw smokestack emissions from heavy industry into algal biomass. Algal biomass has value. One tonne of algae can yield 100 litres or more of diesel, and the residual biomass can be used as a renewable coal substitute. Heavy industry emits massive amounts of CO2, a green-house gas (GHG), widely viewed to have a negative environmental impact – and targeted for reductions in many jurisdictions. These same GHG emissions, however, are feedstock for the Pond process.

Algae is one of the fastest growing organisms in the world, consuming almost twice their weight in carbon dioxide, it is the most cost effective and sustainable means of carbon sequestration.

Pond's scalable, industrially deployed, algal production system is designed to perform process validation and seamlessly connect to any industrial emitter. This closed-loop continuous harvest system consumes raw stack emissions, and transforms it into value rich algal biomass.